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Monday, June 11, 2007

Miscellaneous Debris Part 3

Ron Paul has updated and relaunched his campaign site. It looks very nice and is a definite improvement over the old one. Radley Balko at Reason's Hit and Run blog is looking into this Free Market News Report that Paul is awash in new contributions since the two Republican debates. Let us hope that it proves to be correct. Money means staying in the race, and staying in the race means debates, news coverage and generally getting his message of liberty out there.

Check out Dartanian, a rockin' Boulder based metal band. Listen HERE and HERE. Buy their cd Path of Glory HERE. If you like Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind, I think you will like Path of Glory.

Another fun band that I stumbled across way back in the early days of is The Punch Drunk Monkeys. Be sure to listen to Earthquake and watch some of the video there.

A List of discontinued sodas.
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