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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Spoiler: REBORN!

Major Spoilers has indeed returned from the great beyond.

In their costumes, I'm not sure which one is Stephen and which is Matthew, but I'm glad these fine gentlemen have found their way back to Stately Spoiler Manor.

HERE is the tale of the return. Even though I don't read anywhere near the volume of comics I used to, I still enjoy them, and Matt and Steve's enthusiasm is infectious. Plus, now I know when to look for Nexus #100!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Major Spoilers: Back from the Dead?

I haven't talked to friend Matthew in quite some time, but it looks like there is something happening with Major Spoilers real soon.

Stephen Schleicher's blog has no clues either. . .

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ron Paul: No 3rd Party Run, and With Good Reason

I was always sceptical of Ron Paul's denials of his intent to run as a third party or independent candidate, and felt he was planning for that contingency once any GOP candidate aquired the necessary delegates to get the nomination. It seemed like the natural progression, once there was absolutely zero chance for even a brokered convention.

He announced last night that he will not go third party or independent so that he can run for, and maintain his seat in the House of Representatives. This makes sense to me. He can have at least some influence in the House.

Paul has always said that his movement was about the message and not the man. Part of his intent is to change the face of the Republican Party to truly embrace the principles of limited goverment, and staying in an elected position within that party makes a lot of sense. His presidential run has built a pretty good network of active people who really believe in his message of liberty, limited government, sound money and all the rest. Hopefully those people will stay with the party, move into positions of party leadership, run for office themselves and give liberty a true voice again.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ron Paul: 3 Delegates So Far Today!

Ron Paul made a deal to help Mike Huckabee win the West Virginia State GOP convention.
Paul was dropped after losing the first ballot(with no candidate getting 51% of the votes) Paul and McCain both threw their support to Huckabee to deny Mitt Romney the win.
In exchange for the votes that put Huckabee over the top, Paul will receive 3 of the 18 Delegates available from West Virginia.

That should bring his delegate total to 9 not counting those earned in Maine or Louisiana.

Reason Magazine's Hit and Run Blog has the details.
More Via the Lew Rockwell Blog

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ron Paul: Super Tuesday

It's been almost three months since I've posted here at Otter Disaster. Work schedule and other real life responsibilities pulled me away from any blogging at all.

I'm once again hoping to blog on something like a regular schedule, maybe a couple of times a week at least.

Today I wanted to blog about Ron Paul again, because Super Duper Tuesday is coming on February 5.

Since I last posted about the election Paul had less than stellar finishes in Iowa, Michingan, South Carolina and especially New Hampshire where expectations were high.
He had two record setting 'Money Bombs' and respectable finishes in the Nevada, Maine and Louisiana Caucuses.
Paul also weathered a scandal concerning racist and controversial comments in a Newsletter from the 90s that bore his name.
He was the top GOP fundraiser in 4th Quarter of 2007, pulling in over $20 Million dollars, helping him outlast Sam Brownback, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, and 'America's Mayor', Rudy Giuliani.

Paul's only hope for the GOP nomination at this point is probably a brokered convention.
Romney and McCain will need to split most of the Super Tuesday states(with a few upsets by Romney), with maybe a suprise win by Huckabee somewhere, and possibly a surprise win by Paul in the Montana caucus and some California districts (where delegates are partly distributed proportionally). Those delegates need to be spread far and wide so that no clear delegate majority exists by the GOP Convention in August. With McCain surging in most polls, a brokered convention is seeming less likely all the time.

In my opinion, Paul will begin to seriously consider a third party/independent run following Super Tuesday. I think he will have to make this decision soon, for fundraising and ballot access reasons, but I think he'll do it. Paul seems dedicated to continuing the fight for the message of his campaign, and once McCain locks up the nomination, Paul will be increasingly marginalized by the media. He can drum up lots of publicity with an indy/3rd party run, and if he polls well enough, he could even find himself in some debates.

I personally hope he makes an indy/3rd party bid, because there is no way I'll vote for McCain, Romney, Clinton or Obama. If Paul doesn't continue his campaign, I'll most likely vote for the LP nominee, as I've done since 1996.