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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Square Foot Garden: Summer Harvest, Progress, and The Thing that Ate My Cabbage

I haven't posted on my SFG in a while, so I thought it was time for an update.
I finally broke down and sprayed for insects today, because I mistakenly thought I was growing a piece of swiss cheese instead of a cabbage:

Both of my Square Foot beds are coming along nicely, considering my late start in planting and planning this year:

I discovered co-worker Brent is also a Square Foot Gardener, and posts pics of his SFG on Flickr. His beds make mine look a little pathetic. Very lush with the broccoli and herbs. I definitely need to plan better next year.

On the plus side I finally had my first SFG harvest, and pulled some very nice radishes last week, and a few more last night. Pictured below are the radishes along with some spinach and some spearmint that Mrs. Disaster likes to put in her tea.

The spinach is from my traditional beds and is about done. I taste tested some raw leaves and they are getting a little bitter, and the plants themselves are going to seed. I have a few smaller plants in one of my SFG beds and will have a little more spinach early in the summer, but I don't expect those plants to do too well in the heat of July in Colorado.

Looking forward, I will plant some carrots in the harvested radish grids for a later summer harvest, and I will definitely be doing a fall planting of spinach. I, along with Mrs. Disaster eagerly anticipate tomatoes coming on the vine in the next several weeks, and Little Disaster is excited about pumpkins starting to come onto those vines as well. I'm also hoping that my late start on my cucumbers still gives me a late summer harvest on those. I should have edible beets in the next few weeks as well.

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