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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit-Murder Suicide

I haven't watched Pro Wrestling regularly for a couple of years, but I was a big fan during it's mid 90s to early 2000s boom. During that period my favorite wrestler was Chris Benoit. He was a technical wrestler and one of the most believable in-ring performers I've ever seen. While not brilliant on the microphone like a Mick Foley or a Ric Flair, he made you believe every punch, hold or suplex while between the ropes. He was also respected a great deal by his peers.

He apparently strangled his wife, Nancy, and smothered son Daniel over the weekend before hanging himself. Authorities are speculating that steroids may be a factor, but autopsy results are not yet complete.

I'm a little freaked out, because I liked him a lot as a performer, but really know nothing of his personal life. I hate to think that a performer I really liked and enjoyed is capable of such a horrific thing. I guess someone's television persona really tell you nothing about the real man.

WWE did a tribute to Benoit on it's RAW program last night and all the wrestlers who talked about him emphasised how important his family was to him. Why this happened will probably remain a mystery for a while if the reason is ever truly known.


Matthew Peterson said...

I think this is indicative of how little we really know about the lives of public figures. We all thought we KNEW Chris Benoit from the way his character was portrayed.

And this act is something so far beyond understandable that it makes us question EVERYTHING we think we know. I think the important bit is to note that anyone can be pushed past their breaking point, so take care of your people.

Bruce said...

Wrestling is probably even worse, because in Benoit's case he was playing 'himself'. As fake as wrestling can be, the people are presented as 'real' making a distinction between the public persona and the man at home difficult to discern.

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