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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dingy - A Dingbat Font Based Strip

I'm terribly excited that Bitstrips now allows users to utilize their own installed fonts in the comic builders.  This was hinted at last year, and I wrote about the possibilities presented by such a feature.  I am planning a prop font right now (a series of swords, guns and other weapons), and hope to have it finished in a week or so.  Fonts can now be layered behind other objects in Bitstrips, something not possible when the font feature was first teased, making the use of font-based custom objects even cooler.

In the meantime I've created a Dingbat Font based Gag Panel Strip called Dingy to play with the enhanced graphic possibilities of this new feature.  Kudos to the Core Matrix team for all the recent additions to the Bitstrips experience.  

Here's episode 1 of Dingy inspired by the lovely Mrs. Disaster-1955:

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