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Friday, July 20, 2007

Finntroll Friday: Jaktens Tid and Joik

Jaktens Tid is Finntroll's 2001 release.
Here is and interview with from 2001 detailing the creative process, recording and release of Finntrolls second release.

Here is a kid rocking out to the title track:

The rhythmic chanting at the beginning of the song is called yoik or joik. It is a traditional form of singing of the Sami people, sometimes also called Laplanders.

Here is a brief example of a more traditional Sami joik:
(I'm not sure why the image is rotated)

Joik is incorporated into other forms of popular music as well:

Yoik 'N' Roll
Reinsdyr joik

And nothing beats a metal band featuring a sinister looking dude holding an accordian. Here's Korpiklaani doing Tuli Kokko(which means: Came the Eagle, according to one commenter), and it features some joik.

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