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Friday, July 13, 2007

Finntroll Friday: as Drawn by Deviants

I was looking for Finntroll inspired art and found lots of it at the very cool Deviant Art.

There were several renditions of the band:

by Wickerchild
by FrostedGhost
by *Invader-zero
and by =Illaria

Finntroll also inspires a lot of troll art goodness:

Logo with Troll by trolette
Kick Ass Troll Army by Traitorfish
Orc Berserker by Rither
and a recreation of from the Nattfodd cd booklet by sina7

And, as always, Trollhammaren!

by nehrist
and by Nee-Chee

Here's one I did in about a half hour:

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