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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maybe Something for the Fall 2009 Season

Via TV Squad

Here is the TV Show Pitch Generator

Just click and you get a randomly generated pitch for a tv series. Some of these are better than what's on the air right now. . .

For example:

An alien with only days to live owes its life to a mobster who is accused of a murder. Stars Emilio Estevez and David Arquette. Genre: Sci-Fi

or possibly:

A dentist who is secretly married enlists the help of a ventriloquist with a photographic memory. Stars Christy McNichol and Jack Black. Genre: Drama

Give it a try when there's nothing on TV.

1 comment:

Technogeekboy said...

Thanks for the "pitch" for the "TV Show Pitch Generator!"

Mike and Joe