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Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm a big fan of lists. Show me 10 best this, 5 worst that and I'm a happy guy. Here is a list of lists I've been enjoying of late:

1.'s 50 Biggest Disappoinments
A list of movies that could have been great, but ended up as letdowns.

2. The Onion's Inventory
A weekly list on numerous pop culture topics. A recent favorite was 13 Failed Attempts to Start Film Franchises.

3. TV Squad's TV Squad Lists
Various TV related lists, like Seven signs that it's time for your show to go, The top 10 TV pets, and The 10 biggest spin-off bombs in the history of the known universe.

I realize that items 2 and 3 are actually lists of lists, but I think that just underscores my love of lists...

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