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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Discordian Quote Comix: Quote 00052

This is the last episode of Discordian Quote Comix so as an exclamation point I decided to feature Eris herself. I decided to end the series with the original Discordian quote, brought on by the Original Snub, the words that kicked off the whole blessed thing. In a wonderful bit of Discordian synchronicity today is 5/23. DQC began as a personal training exercise a year ago, vowing to do a panel a week for one year, in an effort to improve my art, work on a schedule, and eventually work toward more narrative comics.

I learned quite a bit on this project, mainly that my art will always be a work in progress. I also learned that setting goals is a good way to produce, that having a publishing schedule that needs to be met will assure that things get done. One nice side effect of DQC was the launching of SPOILED! a weekly gag strip at Major Spoilers, that spun out of my Bistrips-based Major Spoilers Adventures. I now literally have a new project on the drawing board, and I'll say more about that when the time is right.

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