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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tales From The Gag Master

I found THIS the other day, printed it out and built one. It's called the Gag Master and it is from a 1963 book titled: How to Make Money With Simple Gags.

I've always liked the idea of random elements as inspiration and constraint for making a comic. See my 24 Hour Comics with their random song-title titles.  Today I did my first Gag Master Comic, using the random elements presented by the wheel. Each selection on each ring of the wheel is numbered. From the outside in, here is 68, 34, 08.

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Tgbretthauer said...

Nice Job! My fathers book and invention of the Gag Master worked out well! I will be launching a tribute to his work at He worked as a political Cartoonist first with Chicago Daily New 1941-1943 and then with the Miami Herald from 1943 to 1961! He was award recipient of 10 freedom foundation awards!