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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ask Me About My Secret Origin - 3 Shirts at Otter Disaster Designs

As a big comic book fan, I've always loved the stories about how superheroes became superheroes. I'm working on a series of T-Shirt designs based on those 'secret origins'. The first three are now complete and available for purchase at the Otter Disaster Designs shop.

The first design is inspired by the nuclear origins of Marvel's Incredible Hulk:

The second is inspired by the chemical and lightning birth of the Barry Allen Flash:

And the third was inspired by origin of the first modern superhero, and Last Son of Krypton, Superman:

I'm aiming for something iconic, but non-specific, in the realm of homage and tribute. I want to evoke the origins of certain heroes without referencing them by name...for obvious reasons. I have a few other 'secret origin' shirts in the works, that will be available over the next month or so.

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