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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first viral Bitstrip: ...a little better

Bitstrips allows other creators to remix strips that you make, if you allow it. I did the strip below titled '...a little better', featuring the small things that make life a little better. It was remixed directly about 17 times, and then there were numerous remixes off those direct remixes. I counted 20 plus strips based off the initial strip here:

Then Bitstripper geokis32 remixed and made a strip called 'Freaky Things' with the little things in life that freak her out: I (and many others) remixed that strip:

The community of creators is one of the really fun things about Bitstrips. For another really funny example of this remix-mania see this series of strips featuring a wickedly eternal staring contest between Dare and Kathi.

1 comment:

BA said...

right on, Otter - I think that series turned out to be one of the more successful remix-a-thons we've had!

Sometime soon we're going to add a feature to make it easier to browse through strings of remixes.

In the meantime, it's great seeing them together on one page - why not collect them all as a post here on your blog?