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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Miscellaneous Debris: Part 6

Steven King has a nice op-ed about the Harry Potter phenomenon at Entertainment Weekly.

This UFO video has been making the rounds:

It has been proven to be a hoax, but the muddy audio, blurriness and handheld nature of the video do lend a cetain believability. Photos and video of UFO simply won't cut it as evidence anymore, with the ease of producing high quality 3D images from off the shelf software.

Another (admitted) fake UFO video HERE. AND HERE. These animations are based on the allegedly real 'Chad' photos, that were talked about recently on the Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory.

Finally friend Paul, has pointed me to a website and service that lets you design and print your own bookstore quality books. You download their free layout software, then you add photos and text and for a pretty reasonable fee you get your own hard or softbound book. Additionally you can mark up the price and sell your book to others. I haven't tried it out yet, but when I do I'll blog about it.

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